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Extend MFA and identity Zero Trust to resources that couldn't be protected before.

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Silverfort is the first platform to provide modern identity security for all corporate users, service accounts, and resources, including previously unprotectable legacy systems and command-line interfaces involved in over 80% of data breaches and ransomware attacks. Using innovative agentless and proxyless technology, Silverfort integrates with existing IAM infrastructure to enforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR), and Zero Trust policies across hybrid environments, stopping identity threats in real time.

Solve the identity protection challenges that truly matter  

Extend MFA to resources that couldn't be protected before

  • Extend MFA protection (including your existing MFA product) to critical resources without modifying them, including legacy
    applications, command-line access tools, file shares, IT infrastructure, industrial systems and many others.​

Discover, monitor and protect your service accounts automatically

  • Gain immediate visibility into all service accounts (non-human identities), monitor and analyze their activity, and enforce
    policies that prevent anyone from using them outside of their intended purpose, without having to modify them.

Block ransomware spread and lateral movement in
real time 

  • Enforce adaptive MFA policies on high-risk access, including command-line tools that attackers frequently use like PowerShell, PsExec and WMI, to prevent ransomware
    spread and limit its impact to the initially compromised machine only.

Connect legacy systems to cloud identity providers
(e.g. Entra ID (formerly Azure AD))

  • Expand the coverage of your cloud IdP, including Entra ID and its Conditional Access, to legacy and non-web resources that
    couldn’t be migrated before, without having to modify them, by ‘translating’ their legacy protocols from directories like AD into SAML.

Why choose Kommando and Silverfort for your Identity Protection Needs?

Together with Silverfort, Kommando enables customers to implement unified security controls across all corporate users, service accounts and resources, including legacy systems and command-line interfaces used in over 80% of data breaches and ransomware attacks and which were previously considered 'unprotectable'.

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