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Kommando Welcomes Silverfort as New Technology Partner to Enhance Identity Security Across the Nordic Market

Kommando is excited to announce its new technology partnership with Silverfort, a leading provider of unified identity security. This collaboration will bring Silverfort's innovative Identity Security Platform to the Nordic market, enhancing the security landscape for businesses in the region.

Silverfort is the first and only platform to unify the security of identity infrastructure into a single platform, giving teams the visibility and context to enforce real-time identity protection cloud and on-prem environments. Uniquely, Silverfort extends Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to systems and interfaces that were previously unprotectable, such as legacy systems, command-line interfaces, service accounts (non-human identities), and IT/OT infrastructure. It delivers unified authentication and access policies across all users, assets, and environments, both on-premises and in the cloud, in a non-intrusive way. This agentless and proxyless technology integrates seamlessly with existing IAM infrastructure to enforce MFA, Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR), and Zero Trust policies across hybrid environments, effectively stopping identity threats in real time.

Key benefits of the Silverfort Identity Security Platform include:

  • Agentless and Proxyless MFA: Extend MFA protection to critical resources without modification, covering legacy applications, command-line access tools, file shares, IT infrastructure, and industrial systems.

  • Service Account Visbility & Security: Discovery unknown service accounts for full visibility, Monitor and analyze activity, and enforce policies to prevent misuse without any modifications.

  • Ransomware Mitigation: Enforce adaptive MFA policies on high-risk access, including command-line tools like PowerShell, PsExec, and WMI, to block ransomware spread and limit its impact.

  • Cloud Identity Provider Integration: Connect legacy systems to cloud identity providers such as Entra ID (formerly Azure AD), expanding coverage without requiring modifications by translating legacy protocols.

"Silverfort complements the technologies we have in our portfolio and enables us to help our clients comply with numerous and stringent regulations in this ever-evolving threat landscape. This non-intrusive, yet highly effective technology allows our clients to protect their current security investments while seamlessly leveraging the benefits of Silverfort without undergoing major changes in their environment," says Marius Brekke, CEO of Kommando.

"Identity is already very fragmented, and will become more so over time. The migration to the cloud accelerated innovation but introduced countless complexities when it comes to securing idenitities across cloud and on-prem environments.. A universal & unified approach to identity security, that transcends siloed point solutions, is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have for organizations that want to stop identity-based threats." Leslie Bois, VP of Channel at Silverfort, adds, "We are excited to work with Kommando and look forward to bringing Silverfort’s Unified Identity Security to both Norway and Sweden. This partnership will empower organizations in the region to safeguard their digital identities against advanced threats."

Brekke further emphasizes, "We will be investing time and resources into building a skilled team on Silverfort solutions, as we see leading competence as the master key to successful customer projects."

For more information on how Silverfort can fit into your organization's technological landscape, please contact us for a non-binding conversation or e-meeting.

About Kommando: Kommando is a premier technology firm dedicated to delivering top-notch security solutions to organizations in the Nordic region. Our mission is to provide innovative, effective, and non-intrusive security technologies that enable our clients to navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity with confidence.

About Silverfort: Silverfort, the Unified Identity Security company, pioneered the first and only platform that enables modern identity security everywhere. We connect the silos of enterprise identity infrastructure to unify identity security across all on-prem and the cloud environments. Our unique architecture and vendor agnostic approach, takes away the complexity of securing every identity, and extends protection to resources that cannot be protected by any other solution, such as legacy systems, command-line interfaces, service accounts (non-human identities), IT/OT infrastructure, amongst others. Silverfort is a Top Tier Microsoft partner and was selected as Microsoft's Zero Trust Champion of the Year. Hundreds of the world's leading enterprises trust Silverfort to be their identity security provider, including multiple Fortune 50 companies. Learn more by visiting or on LinkedIn.

Contact Information: 

Marius Brekke, CEO, marius.brekke [a]

Per Juvhaugen, Head of Privileged Identity, per.juvhaugen [a]

For further inquiries, please visit our website or email us at





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