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Kommando welcomes SailPoint onboard as New Strategic Technology Partner

Updated: Apr 4

Originally posted June 3, 2021

Kommando expands its portfolio with world leading Identity Security technology from SailPoint
Kommando welcomes SailPoint onboard as new strategic technology partner

As technology continues to bring more users, applications, and data together, these connections also bring more vulnerability. Kommando is therefore pleased to welcome SailPoint onboard as a new technology partner in the Nordics.

With SailPoint’s identity security platform, we will be able to provide our clients with an easier way to implement their digital transformation faster while reducing risk.

Constant changes in the IT landscape, business and user patterns, and stringent regulatory compliance requirements have made organizations vulnerable to data breaches to date.
SailPoint can help organizations factor in these risks and challenges into their identity management strategy and to enforce policies that organizations previously had no way of controlling compliance with, allowing them to act in a timely manner before turning into another victim of a costly breach.

“We thoroughly analyze and select the few solutions we want to work with and are pleased to have landed this partnership with SailPoint. Knowing that SailPoint is able to help extend end-to-end identity lifecycle and compliance management capabilities for entire ecosystems, while integrating well with other existing technologies, we are confident that we will bring a great added value to our clients,” said Marius Brekke, CEO of Kommando.

"As we believe that leading competence is the master key to successful projects, Kommando will be investing time and resources into building a skilled team on SailPoint’s solutions going forward”, adds Brekke.

For more information on how SailPoint can be a fit to your organization's technological landscape, feel free to contact us for a non-binding conversation or e-meeting.

Marius brekke
CEO, Kommando
marius.brekke [a]
+47 926 51 400


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